STANOZOLOL 12mg 100 tabs

STANOZOLOL 12mg 100 tabs

STANOZOLOL 12mg 100 tabs

STANOZOLOL 12mg 100 tabs


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STANOZOLOL 12mg 100 tabs


Description of Radjay Stanozolol 100 tabs

Stanozolol is a widely popular drug among bodybuilders. This is a steroid hormone providing strong anabolic action. Chemically, this medicine is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone.

There are several reasons why bodybuilders choose the Stanozolol administration, they include:

  • Stanozolol oral form is not an aromatized steroid hormone. It means that estrogen levels in bodybuilders do not increase and the sportsmen should not take any additional medicines like anti-estrogens.
  • Such popular side effect as gynecomastia has been reported in very rare cases.
  • The use of Stanozolol does not cause water retention.
  • The product provides high-quality muscle growth. It means that Stanozolol helps athletes to gain both muscle size and strength.
  • This drug can improve a sportsman’s endurance due to its ability to stimulate the red cells production within a human body. The increase level of erythrocytes promotes more oxygen to be transporte to muscles and other parts of the sportsman’s body, therefore the athlete can work much longer and harder.
  • Androgenic effects are reversible. This is an important fact for female bodybuilders.

You definitely should try this drug and include it into your cycle. Visit our online-store at the address to make a purchase if you like this drug.

Dosage of Radjay Stanozolol 100 tabs

A regular daily dosage of Stanozolol is approximately 30-80 mg. In general, Radjay Stanozolol is not the only medicine in a sportsman’s course of treatment. It is often take together with other steroid hormones. A specific combination depends on results the bodybuilder would like to achieve. For example, for bulking purposes, athletes usually prefer to add such drugs as Methandienone, Testosterone or Oxymetholone. When taken in that combination, Stanozolol provides a strong anabolic and low estrogenic action, that helps to achieve a good muscle mass without significant water or fat retention.

Also Radjay Stanozolol is often used together with Halotestin or Trenbolone. This is an effective stack during a dieting or contest period. It allows bodybuilders to achieve very good results in terms of the shape of their muscles. If you are interested, please read more detailed information at

Side effects of Radjay Stanozolol 100 tabs

Stanozolol may provide hepatotoxicity, which is a common side effect of taking steroid drugs containing a 17-alpha-alkylated group. In particularly, the liver damage may occur in bodybuilders who take this drug during a long period of time or in excessive dosages.

It is recommende to take Stanozolol for no longer than 6 weeks in order to prevent significant hepatotoxic side effects. Accordingly, a shorter cycle would be even better. Those sportsmen, who decided to take a long course of this steroid medicine, should monitor their liver values by undergoing appropriate blood tests to make sure that Stanozolol does not make any harm to the liver.

Additionally, in some cases, bodybuilders reported such side effects as:

  • prostate enlargement;
  • acne;
  • increased hair loss.

To avoid negative body reactions, sportsmen should take the right dosage of Radjay Stanozolol and avoid exceeding the duration of their treatment course.


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12 mg x 100 tabs = 1200 mg


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