SP Equipoise 10 ml vials

SP Equipoise 10 ml vials

SP Equipoise 10 ml vials

SP Equipoise 10 ml vials


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SP EQuipoise 10ml active substance of this drug is Boldenone Undecylenate 200mg/ml

SP Equipoise 10 ml vials


Description of SP EQuipoise 10ml vial

SP EQuipoise 10ml active substance of this drug is Boldenone Undecylenate. It is the product of Moldova Republic SP Laboratories.

The package consists of 10ml with the concentration of active substance- 200mg/ml. With the help of this steroid, the muscular mass will start growing faster, while nitrogen balance elevation turns to the positive part, the effective protein compound will increase appetite! Men talk more about this steroid.

Years after years, people were using different steroids and now it’s time for the Boldenone Undecylenate, which could successfully overcome each one of previous steroid best sellers. We are now not talking only about the anabolic action of the drug, but also about the amazing results, which you could admire at the end of the course. Boldenone (which you could find on AnabolShop.net) is often most likely used at the period of dry mass gaining courses. It could be conjoine for the best results with testosterone Propionate, Trenbolone and Stanozolol (which is also called Winstrol). In the period of drying, Propionate is highly use.

Best steroid for the qualitaative strong muscles

You will not find a better steroid for the qualitative strong muscles, as Stanozolol. There will be no fear of aromatization occasion. While working on the visibility and contours of veins on the muscles, increased by Boldenone usage. From 300 to 400 mg of Stanozolol a week (50 mg a day) will save fat deposits of your body, raise the level of muscle relief and vascularity. Trenbolone, in addition, is a perfect decision, if you want more results in the quality of the muscles, than in their mass. One of the examples of the dry mass gaining. With no fear of losing reliefs is taking Parabolan (76 mg dosage) one time in 2 days together with Boldenone (in the form of injections). In any case, it depends only on you, what to choose for your training cycles.

Dosage of SP EQuipoise 10ml vial

One of the possible combination for the terrific results is: taking Boldenone (from 300 to 400 mg a week) + Sustanon (500 mg) or Testosterone Enathate (500 mg). In case you are already using Nandrolone, additional small dose of Boldenone Undecylenate will increase the appetite much. Though Boldenone effect is higher, than Nandrolone’s, it oppress less the blood-vascular glands work. Boldenone could be considered as the base for the other steroids and could be used with Enathate/Cypionate (they could be found on AnabolShop.net), and this combination gives higher results, when comparing with Nandrolone.

Side Effects of SP EQuipoise 10ml vial

Side effects are very rare and not usually harmful. Sometimes they could appear at the form of gynecomastia (non-cancerous breast size increasing), hydrops, high arterial pressure. There could be a problem with losing weight, if you are using Boldenone, which specific feature is the appetite elevation. It doesn’t have strong aromatizing effect in contrast to Nandrolone, there is no effects relating to progestogen. As the occasions of virilization happen quite rare. Boldenone is often use in women body-building, in the forms of injections, without the danger of side-effects.


SP Laboratories

About SP Laboratories SP is a grade Pharmacy with a consolidate value and quality of the product. We are health oriente on worldwide medicine and the best results in patients. Our manufacturing process is base on golden rules that are designed to obtain performance in quality, services, hygiene and final patient consumption. We are very firm convince that providing highly professional services. We give customers the trust and the certainty that SP Laboratories ensures a healthy way of life for patients.Products by SP Laboratories Manufactory has a wide range of medicines, specially produce for general health. We have a high develope technology in order to offer you the most premium medical products.Long and Happy life SP is an organization that is manufacturing drugs under the contract for pharmaceutical companies. A project plant that is producing and making clinical tests into humans for adverse side effects and sure effects.SP Laboratories Team SP  the most qualified specialist that prepare unique medicines under special formulas. We guarantee a high level of production and assembling using the latest laboratory technology.
SP Equipoise 10 ml vials


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