SP Enanthate 10 ml vial

SP Enanthate 10 ml vial

SP Enanthate 10 ml vial

SP Enanthate 10 ml vial


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SP Enanthate 10ml (Testosterone Enanthate) is the active substance of that popular steroid. One bottle contains 250mg/ml to 10 ml.

SP Enanthate 10 ml vial
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Description of SP Enanthate 10ml vial

SP Enanthate 10ml (Testosterone Enanthate) is the active substance of that popular steroid. One bottle contains 250mg/ml to 10 ml. This extremely effective testosterone is available in the form of injection with oil (as one of the ingredients). When the drug gets into the blood, it, as a rule, gradually gives off testosterone and has durable action, effecting for 14-21 days. Every steroid hormone has its specification and in that case. The specific feature of this steroid is- usual turning to estrogen, which has some side effects. There is a high chance of fat and hydrops. That will be catching the eye on the competitions or at the moment of the built-up physic. Appears the possibility of non-cancer breast size increasing. Which should be reduced by Provimed or Tamoxifen (you could find them on AnabolShop.net)

When you are taking an anti-estrogen in the cycle of build-up physic, it will take longer time for the proper result needed for the muscle growth. It is only up to you- to take anti-estrogen, or not to take. The results of taking Enanthate are huge, it is becoming more often advices, that is why it is highly-use by people, who prefer steroids in their trainings.

Dosage of SP Enanthate 10ml vial

As this steroid SP Enanthate is containing hormone, which is existing in the human body, it is use to adapt mostly tolerant. The perfect dosage is from 250 to 750 mg a week. In case, when the dosage was higher, the side effects will be really dangerous and easily seen by the outside perspective. If it is combined with Oxymetholone or Methandienone (you could also find them on AnabolShop.net), it guarantees fast muscle growth. If the incline of the body has happene, Nandrolone or Boldenone have to be use. Tamoxifen or Clomiphene should be use at the end of the cycle in case. When organism’s own testosterone has been suppresse after the period of Testosterone Enanthate usage to save the muscles in proper condition. As the liquid in the body was retaine. There will be the loss of weight, nevertheless the mass exaggeration will be saved.

Side effect of SP Enanthate 10ml vial

There is a tendency for side effects of androgenic character in the steroids, containing testosterone. It is possible that there will be problems with skin fat secretion, pimples, aggression, head hair loss or on the opposite faster hair appearance on the face and body. If you know, that you are having problems with steroids, containing testosterone, or there are other reasons not to pick them, you could choose more harmless anabolic products, with less list of side effects. For example Nandrolone or Boldenone.

The other solution is to take also the drug Proscar/Propecia. With its help, the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone will be minimal. When testosterone effects on the health less, the impact of the side effects will be less too. Some people chose just to suffer bad effects of the drugs, or to wait until getting use to it. Many men affirm that testosterone side effects are not as uncomfortable, as people say. It seems to be not so harmful, when you are going to face the positive result soon.


SP Laboratories

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SP Enanthate 10 ml vial


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