P&D Terms

P&D Terms (Payment and Delivery Terms)

  1. Check out our shop choose the products you want to order add them to your cart, after view the cart and proceed to checkout. Here you will need to log in or register a new account
  2. After you need to add CORRECTLY shipping address, and select one of our payment methods and finally place order.
  3. com accepts next payment methods: Western Union, Moneygram transfer and BTC. About Bitcoins transaction read here link.
  4. The time frame of Western Union/Moneygram transfers is 24-72 hours.
  5. Sending money ONLY BY CASH. You should sent money personally going to the Western Union or Moneygram agency; don’t use online application of WU or MG and trying to send money online using your credit card, because in that case the transfer can be put on hold until they are checking your credit card,  if it is valid this process can take several days and they finally can reject your transactions without any explications.
  6. You should tell to bank clerk (if he asked you the reason of money transfer) that the money are for GIFT, DONATION or you sent them to relative. Don’t tell them that money are for commercial purpose, it that case the transaction can be cancelled because
  7. Western Union/Moneygram didn’t allow use there system for commercial purpose.
  8. If you still want to sent money using your credit card be ready for delay, because they will hold your transfer until they will check the credit card is valid and the transfer was made by card owner
  9. After you sent money using one of our payment methods you should sent to our email the next information writing in the subject your order number:

a. Sender’s Name and Surname

b. City, State and Country from where money was shipped out

c. Amount that you have transferred

d. The name whom you transferred the money

Notice that your order would be canceled if you didn’t pay for it in time of 7 business days.

Minimum order is $100


Delivery terms:

  1. Your order would be shipped with in next 24-72 hours after the payment was received.
  2. We shipped orders in small discreet boxes, in dependence of the your order volume it can be several boxes (we will notify you if your order was shipped in more than one box in the comment for your order)
  3. We ship order ONLY to the address that you have attached to your order, please be carefully and write your address and postal cod correctly.
  4. NOTIFY that if you use PO Box address, the shipping address should be the same as the name who rented the PO Box .
  5. com didn’t take any responsibility for order losses caused by this miss delivery of custom’s fault.
  6. Please note your order, can’t be returned back to to us, so we can’t resent them again to you. The orders that are sent back are lost. Please be carefully and take your boxes in time.


Damage items:

  1. If you have received any items damaged or you have received the items you have not ordered, please make pictures and sent them to our email.
  2. The pictures should contain the original box that we sent your products in it with the address it was shipped out.
  3. Please be honest and make the real pictures don’t lose your and our time, because we recognize when the customers are lying.


We reship orders in case:

  1. Usually all our boxes reach their customers, BUT sometimes very very rare the customs can detained the box. In that case if you have received the seizure letter, make us a photo of the seized letter with original wrapper and we will resent your order.
  2. We didn’t reship orders to such countries as: CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ITALY, KOREA. We the customer make a requiest to ship on of these countries we can ship, but you will take the risks yourself.