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Good time of the day dear friends and welcome to our blog.

Today I want to speak about our brand news and what is happen in our world!

Our brand “Vermodje New Line” or how we call it VNL, is now growing and we expand our line of the products. At the moment we have 30 products in our store, 11 products in oral steroids category, 18 injectable steroids and 1 Hgh (it is also of course injectable product).  Soon we will have much more products in our store and now I will introduce them now short and in our next posts we will analyze them more:

  1. Vermotropin Orange (HGH) ( 1.33 mg – 4 IU)
  2. VermoMix Body Slim 2 mg
  3. VermoMix Body Mass 2 mg
  4. VermoPeptide Bronze TAN 2 mg
  5. VermoPeptide Quick recovery 2 mg
  6. VermoPeptide Rejuvenation 2 mg
  7. Dapoxever ( Dapoxitine ) 30 mg
  8. Tadalaver ( Tadalafil ) 20 mg
  9. Sildenaver ( Sildenafil Citrate ) 25 mg
  10. Cabergoli-Ver  ( Cabergoline ) 0.5 mg
  11. Letrover ( Letrozole ) 2.5 mg
  12. Finasterid-Ver ( Finasteride ) 5 mg

How you can see, our affairs are going very well. We will work more and more to make our brand better. Soon I will introduce each of this product to our website and I will explain how each of this product will help you becoming better. We want to take care of you. In the case you want to see something in our store, but we don’t have this product, feel free to contact us and say about that. We want to speak with our customers. Our first idea is to make your life better and easier, we want to make a brand where you can find all what you need in one place. We welcome your any ideas how we could become better for you.

Thank you very much for your time,

Hope I was useful today!


Best Regards,

Duke, Team.

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